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Our small business loan programs offer flexible terms, options and rates for operating capital, project financing, venture and working capital.  We pride ourselves in helping new businesses gain access to the hard to obtain start-up funds they desperately need.



The most fundamental resource to have in order to grow or expand your business is enough financing.  With the direction shared to us by Barring Commercial Finance Limited, we were able to secure enough capital to purchase our recycling plant to expand our business.  Their professional approach and commitment to see us meet our financial needs, was more than what we expected.  My hat goes off to Rhonda LeBlanc and her team for providing such a great service, needed to help small businesses like ours.”

Dana Emmerson, Vice President

Dan-X Recycling Limited



“Financing for the natural gas conversion of our new home looked like it might be out of reach for us. The bank denied our application claiming it wouldn’t add equity.

Financing with Barring Commercial Finance proved to be a great idea for us. Their flexible payment schedule and great customer service made the decision easy. Thanks to Barring Commercial Finance we were able to complete our renovations and now we have the home we’ve always wanted.”

Jeffrey Christian, Home Owner